Upper Garrotxa

The Vilarot environtment

Where the house ends the Valley begins.

Alta Garrotxa

Alta Garrotxa is a territory located between the counties of the Ripollès, the Garrotxa and the Alt Empordà. In the case of the Garrotxa, it encompasses five municipalities in total or in part.

Its extremely abrupt orography has conditioned the landscape, vegetation, fauna and human settlements throughout its history and has allowed the maintenance of a relatively isolated natural space that preserves significant biological wealth, to the point of having been declared a Natural Interest Area and designated as a Special Protection Zone for Birds within the Natura 2000 Network. This site is currently managed by the High Garrotxa Consortium.

The Vall de Sant Aniol is the perfect environment for knowing the nature of the Alta Garrotxa. We recommend some proposals to see and enjoy all this.

La Garrotxa

Garrotxa is a comarca of the Catalan province of Girona, famous for its cheese and divided into two very distinct areas: The High Garrotxa, which we discussed earlier, and the Lower Garrotxa, which we will explain next.

The Garrotxa Volcanic Zone, an immense natural park with large numbers of extinct volcanic cones. This area is the best exponent of volcanic landscape in the Iberian Peninsula.

Lower Garrotxa has a quarantine of volcanic cones and more than twenty lava colades; and it has some medieval localities, such as Saint Paul, which was built around a castle, and Besalú, which has a Romanesque bridge. There is an extensive network of roads connecting the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean Sea and crossing the Alta Garrotxa area.


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